Live Meetings and Broadcasts


Analyzing Online Learning Experiences

When approaching this assignment, I tried to come up with an idea that had a potential real-world application. Brainstorming led me to this idea: I would host a mock K-12-focused virtual PD session on Google Hangouts (within a K-12 setting I would have used Zoom, thanks to their excellent response to recent events). Google Hangouts actually worked really well, and throughout COVID hibernation my family and I have used it frequently for social activities.

Now, one may wonder where I will find an impromptu audience for a K-12 professional development simulation. Luckily for me, my husband is a 9th grade English teacher, and he graciously agreed to participate.

Once I had my audience, I brainstormed topics with my husband (might as well make it worthwhile for him!). While talking, we discovered that he was unfamiliar with the SAMR model. On the other hand, during my time in the classroom, I participated in many PD experiences focused on it. So, I created a Google Slides presentation to guide our talk, review the information, and gathered resources. I used QuickTime to screen record. I used iMovie to edit out a small portion so that I could stay under the time limit on Youtube. The transition is a little jumpy; if this were for a professional setting, I would have fixed that. One thing I learned about iMovie is that the icons and menus are tiny. Trying to manipulate the trimming tool in the seconds range was an infuriating process. I’d love to know if there was an easier way to go about trimming clips.

A Live (Mock) PD on SAMR 2020

This is the recording of my live discussion of the purpose and impact of SAMR.

Teaching Literacy Podcast – “Migrating Online: SAMR, TPACK, and Best Practices”

This is a thoughtful and insightful episode of a podcast about SAMR in the context of COVID from an educational doctoral student.

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